have wide range of satellite dB meters for install your dish antenna or DTH antenna. We have analogue or digital satellite dB meters for install your dish set-up in minutes.

SF-219 Digital Satellite dB Meter - Satellite Finder - Sat Finder


Specification:Input Frequency - 950 -2150 Mhzinput level min. - -40dbinput level max. - -10dbminput impedance - 75Ohm, F-connectorOutput impedance - 75Ohm, F-connectorPower Supply - DC - 13-18VOperating range (LNB gain) - 52-60db How to connect:...

SF-345 Digital DVB-S2 Satellite Finder


SF-345 Digital DVB-S2 Satellite FinderFeatures:Support DVB-S2, DVB-S SignalsMulti standard demodulation and DecodingUse LCD to display the satellite signal strength and quality.set up L.O. of the LNB and the parameters of satellite TV, finding satell...

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