With MarginPrice Coaxial cables, connect digital cable TV boxes, satellite receivers or any video source with f-type outputs to any TV with matching f-type inputs. These coaxial cables to deliver high quality video, color and brightness you expect from your audio/video components.

10gz Coaxial Cable with crimped F Female Connectors


Coaxial Cable with F Female ConnectorsThis is Set-Top Box to DTH Antenna Coaxial cable, you can easily connect your set-top box with your DTH LNB. Connectors already crimped, Easy to install. approx.length is 10gaz or 9-10 meters.The cable crimped ...

15gz Coaxial Cable for Set-top box to Dish Antenna - White


15gz Coaxial Cable for Set-top box to Dish Antenna - WhiteIf you are looking a cable for set-top box to DTH, then this is right cable for your. It has both side crimped RG6 connector. Very easy to fit and good quality cable....

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