Marginprice have Audio and Video Adapters, Audio / Video Couplers and Audio/ Video Connectors including speaker connectors, 3.5mm, 6.3mm, MP3, RCA audio, Connectors and many more products in this category.

3.5mm Audio Splitter - Male Stereo to 2x Female Stereo


3.5mm Audio Splitter - The 3.5mm male to dual female audio split adapter is a very useful and convenient adapter. With this useful adapter, you can listen to music or watch movie with your friends via the same device without disturbing others. It ...

3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 RCA Jack Splitter Adaptor


3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 RCA Jack Splitter Adaptor Perfect for Connecting 2 RCA Cables to Create 1 3.5MM Stereo Connection.  Also good for splitting one 3.5MM STEREO connection to allow two RCA connections.    Specifications:  ...

DVI 24+1 Male to HDMI Female Converter HDMI to DVI adapter


Extending HDMI cable by using existing DVI cable.Bridging between DVI and HDMI.Electrical:Current Rating: DC 1A.Withstanding Voltage: DC 300V

Female DC Connector (DC Plug) With Wire


Female DC Connector With Wire  This connector is best for use with Set-Top Box, Camera, DVD and other Electronics acceosoies which has MALE DC Plug. You can use with any 12V Battery to run electornics devices. Connector Type : DC MALE (one...

Marginprice RF old TV Plug or RF Plug Socket


RF old TV Plug or RF Plug Socket This plug can be use for Analog TV signals in LED, LCD or Normal TVs. Best use for Cable Connection and roof DVB-T antenna. This plug build by high quality material for use of long life.Included :RF Plug X1Warantee...

MarginPrice RG6 Cable Jointer with Two RG6 Connectors


RG6 Cable Jointer with Two RG6 Connectors This durable solder less "twist-on" connector can be fitted to RG6 coaxial cable quickly and easily without the use of a crimp tool. Just peel back the cable and screw it on. Instructions: Twist braid cl...

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